Website Designs and Infographics

ROLE: Ideation, layout, low & high fidelity graphics

I worked on several page designs for the website. The goal was to convey key features of the Skulpt Aim device and app, promote new app features, and explain how the technology works.

Skult Web Skult Web

Infographics & Presentation Graphics

ROLE: layout, high fidelity graphics

On the left is an infographic displaying facts about Muscle Quality. To the right are graphics created for pitch deck presentations.

Skult Web


Website Design, Content Strategy

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ROLE: Ideation, layout, copy, low & high fidelity design.

The site is simple and informative, providing the user a small taste of the colorful 3d characters within the Tellagami app. The homepage banner highlights one of the app's core features which allows the user to insert their own photo background.


TG Wireframes

Social Media Pages

Social Media Images

Homepage Redesign

This concept design is for the latest app release with updated features and iconography.

Web Modals

Design, UI and UX

ROLE: user experience, layout, copy, low & high fidelity design

These are several modal form designs for the Tellagami website, they include: default login, login with errors, default sign up and default forget password.

Sign-up Modal Sign-up Modal Forgot Modal

Kid Tellagami

Design, Content Strategy, UX

ROLE: layout, copy, low & high fidelity design

Besides engaging users with playful 3d assets, this site had interactive elements such as the "Minigami" creator. This web application allowed users to create and share an 3d animated video using text-to-speech (TTS) and preset image sprites.

Web Design

Various Sites

ROLE: layout, low & high fidelity design


Custom Wordpress Theme, Design, and Front-End

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ROLE: layout, low & high fidelity design, created custom wordpress theme, HTML, CSS, minimal PHP

The Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS) is an annual, not-for-profit conference celebrating science and critical thinking. NECSS features workshops and talks with leading scientists, educators, activists, and performers from a variety of disciplines.

Homepage Wireframe Sketch


Various HTML Emails

Design and Frontend

Various Web Banners


Mock election campaign for robot presidential candidate, Tellagami internet series.