Skulpt App

App design : ideation to launch

The Skulpt Aim is a consumer electronic that instantly and accurately measures body fat and muscle quality for individual muscles. The device can be used stand-alone or with the companion app. There is a second-gen version now available called the Skulpt Chisel.

UI Guidelines

Various App Screens

Paginated Modules

Calorie Tracking Modules

Fitness Goal Screens

Light Ring Selection

Tellagami App

Product development & Interface

Tellagami is a mobile application for iOS and Android that allows users to create 3d animated messages up to 30 seconds long. The user can customize a character and background, record their voice or input a message (using text-to-speech), and save or share their final video.

Start Screen

Start Screen

Screenshots with Skin Redesign


Iconography Redesign

Various Icons


Current App Icons Smiley Icons Set

Product Development & UX of Core Features

Besides designing the interface, I contributed to the product ideation, interaction design, content strategy, copy writing, 3d pipeline, and 3d asset development.

App Stage Screen Wireframe

The "Stage" and main navigation allow the user to explore, play, and edit parts of their scene in whichever order they choose. From the Stage the user can change their character's position and orientation, and open secondary menus displayed as scrollable side panels. The user can also preview the current video, and refresh the scene to it's default settings.

App Flow

Application Screen Flow

The on-boarding process only appears during a users first iteration through the app, and at any time they can choose to opt out. After onboarding they are brought to the stage.

Screen Flow

Start Screen & "How To" Decision Flow

This decision flow shows a user's possible paths from the start screen.

Created in Lucidchart

App Onboarding

3d Asset Planning Diagram

This 3d asset chart served as both a brainstorming and planning tool. The first column of archetypes was a concept to help minimize production modeling and texturing efforts, while still affording the user a wide variety of assets to customize. The core concept was to model basic articles of clothing strategically.

Created in Lucidchart.

3d Asset Collections Diagram

Background Selection & In-App Purchase Wireframes

These wireframes explain the in-app purchases for content packs (specifically for backgrounds). Other packs include 3d assets (hair style, clothing, accessories), animation packs, and voice packs.

In-App Purchase Flow

Interactive Wireframe (UXPin)

This interactive wireframe demonstrates the same functionality as the static wireframe images above, with the obvious exception of having (selective) interactions.

View Interactive Wireframe, (optimized for desktop only).

Created with UXPin.

Background Packs In-App Purchase

Save and Share WireframeS

This simple step-through wireframe demonstrates how a user can save, title, and share a Gami after they select the Share button.

Screen Flow

Gamitag - Mobile Application

Design, UI and UX

Gamitag was a concept product allowing users to send and receive animated video messages from other Gamitag users. Users could select a character, background, topic or "tag", and create a video conversation with friends. All videos or "Gamis" were saved in the users dashboard where they could manage their projects.

Gamitag Screens

Screen Flow

Gamitag Screens

User flow wireframes

Gamitag Flow

Ono Ebo

Marketing Design

Ono Ebo was an educational bedtime storytelling app for kids created for iPad. The user would watch the animated story unfold and play with various interactive elements in-between chapters.

App Screens

Web Banners