CaryArts Design

Hi, I'm Cary, a visual designer residing in the San Francisco bay area. I create imaginative and engaging works for web, mobile, and print. Welcome to my online portfolio.

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The basics...

I'm an east coast transplant that left her heart in San Francisco, and my design style ranges from high polished 3d renders to simple vector iconography. I excel in collaborative team environments and love to see a project transform from concept to completion. I studied Visual Arts at the University of Florida and 3d animation at the Academy of Art University, and my work experience includes designing for a video production company, a printing studio, and several bay area startups.

Why I love what I do...

I've learned to embrace this rapidly changing field and constant "relearning" of tools and techniques. I believe that being a designer doesn’t mean you have mastery in anything, but rather that you’re an excellent problem solver. When new technologies, software, or methodologies arise your true value surfaces from your ability to understand and apply them to solve real-world problems. The only constant I’ve had in this profession is that I know next year I’ll have to relearn everything I think I know now.

If you'd like to view some of my older work, specifically my fine art, check it out here. This includes classical sketching, figure drawing, illustration, and portraiture. Thanks for visiting!